The First Play-To-Earn NFT Game with a Revolutionary
Omni-Balanced OracleTM Sustainability System

Launching on Tuesday, March 29, 2022

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About Crypto Legions

Crypto Legions is a cutting edge Play-To-Earn NFT game on the BSC network, with a genius system for a sustainable game economy. By just playing a few minutes each day, you can earn $Bloodstone, which you can convert into any currency you want. Getting started is easy with our simple instructions. All supported by an active community.

Play And Make Money

Build a Legion of Warriors and Beasts

Hunt for Monsters

Earn $BloodStone

Get Stable Rewards Pegged to USD

The Story

You can have all the $Bloodstone in the world

It’s the 31st century, and mankind’s greed for cryptocurrencies has pushed electricity consumption into a frenzy, ripping a hole in the ozone layer and flooding Earth with lethal UV radiation. Fearing for their lives, humans have taken to the stars, and stumbled upon a resource which has inspired a desperate hope: Bloodstone.

Found only on the remote planet Nicah in the solar system of Kolb, Bloodstone can be injected to provide immunity against UV radiation, radically expanding the human lifespan. $BLOODSTONE, the cryptocurrency associated with the treasure, has become the most sought-after currency on the blockchain ecosystem.

Hunting for Bloodstone can lead to unimaginable wealth and longevity… but it’s also dangerous. Nicah is a hostile planet inhabited by vicious monsters. To survive, you’re going to need to recruit a legion of warriors and beasts to fight by your side… and they only accept payment in $BLOODSTONE. The more $BLOODSTONE you acquire, the more legions you can build, and the more Bloodstone you can hunt. Will you hoard enough to live forever?

How To Start

Want some simple guidance on how to start?

You can watch this instruction video that walks you through all the simple steps to get started:

Our Revolutionary Economic System

To provide players a sustainable long-term gaming experience, we created our revolutionary Omni-Balanced OracleTM system, that proactively balances economic cycles. We examined by researching other games what could go wrong, and we came up with a mathematical system that corrects the economy to preserve its longevity, while keeping players transparently informed. We also invented the Reserve PoolTM so the game could even survive a cryptocurrency market collapse.


With our $Bloodstone token, you are able to mint our NFTs, create legions, pay for hunting supplies, trade on the marketplace and use many other in-game activities.




Danny is the crypto-currency expert of the team, with vast experience and knowledge of P2E game mechanics and the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. He has several years of experience within the e-commerce space and will be in charge of community building and marketing for Crypto Legions. He lives and breathes crypto and after becoming a successful cryptocurrency trader. His goal is to use the money he’s made to provide a sustainable income source to many more crypto fans.



Shark has over 20 years experience in business, entrepreneurship, IT sales & marketing, and IT recruitment. He built several thriving businesses, and created multiple communication training programs. He’s also an award-winning film producer/director, breaking records in fundraising, and developing movies for the top streaming platforms. His next aim is to create this crypto-currency game and feature the tangible results in a documentary that will educate the masses how to navigate the NFT gaming space.



Johnnie is a net pioneer with over 30 years in tech and 26 years online. He has served as CEO and CTO for numerous Web3 startups and works with well-known Fortune 500 companies including Google, IBM, New York Times, BCGDV, City of New York, Navient, Shell Oil, and First Republic Bank. Johnnie lives in Redondo Beach and loves all things JavaScript, Rust, and Unity3D.


Lead Blockchain Developer

Alberto has over 5 years of experience in blockchain engineering and 8 years of experience in front-end engineering. As a blockchain engineer, he already built many Defi ecosystems in the form of DApps, P2E games and NFT marketplaces on several blockchains. He has been working as a lead developer for the last 2 years for many blockchain cryptocurrency companies.


Blockchain Developer

Yuyake worked in blockchain engineering for 4 years, and has 10 years of experience in full stack development. As a senior blockchain developer, he has built many DApps, NFT smart contracts and marketplaces, crypto games, and DAOs. He always delivers high quality, fast speed, excellent communication and creativity for the project.


Web3 Frontend Developer

Angel is the tech-savvy professional full-stack blockchain engineer with over 8 years experience from scratch to deploy. He has deep knowledge of oracle systems and multi-chain, and has built various Defi projects like Dex’s and on-chain asset marketplaces, etc. Clean, well-commented code, and good communication skills are his superpowers.


Blockchain Developer

Paul is a blockchain engineer with 7 years experience in full-stack development, and 3 years as a blockchain engineer. He built many blockchain projects such as NFT minting, NFT marketplaces, NFT Games, DAO, Defi, and DApps. He built many projects from scratch. Front-end development with SPA frameworks are one of his main skills.


DevOps Engineer

Rafal is a Cloud Architect with over 12 years of experience using that cloud as well as 20 years of IT experience. During that time, he has created several successful and award-winning companies as well as worked with multiple others to lead them to success. He loves cloud engineering due to its possible automations and limitless possibilities.


Website Development




Discord Customization


Executive Assistant


  • Development of game and economics
  • Launching social media accounts
  • Contract auditing and KYC authentication
  • Unicrypt presale listing
  • Private sale
  • Beta game testing for community
  • Launch of token
  • Full game release at token launch
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap / CoinGecko
  • Growing community
  • First rounds of community airdrops
  • Exchange listings
  • Initial marketing plan execution
  • Partnerships with influencers and giveaway competitions
  • Collaborations with high quality
  • BSC projects
  • Improvements to support a bigger player base
  • Deep sea hunting missions
  • Charity support
  • Documentary production starts
  • More community airdrops
  • Mass marketing
  • Adding new features to the game
  • Documentary release and promotional push
  • Game-branded metaverse
  • 3D monster hunts (PvE mode)
  • Implementation of community ideas into the game

Social Media

It’s about $Bloodstone to get started